Welcome to my portfolio/blog

Welcome to my portfolio/blog

The world of home labing and private home cloud

About me

Hello, my name is Jasmin Halilovic and welcome to my portfolio / blog. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1994. I have been working for WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) since 2014. I work as a service technician, network and system infrastructure administrator. I mount PTP (Point-to-Point) links on telecommunication poles such as Ubiquity AirFiber 5GHz and 24GHz, xFiber 5X, AirFiber 60 LR, microtik LHG 60, Mimosa 24, Alcoma .. I install internet for individuals and legal entities. Also, I use Ubiquty, Mikrotik and Cisco routers and switches, I work with Windows and Linux servers.

 In my “MiniLab”, as I like to call it, I learn, do various experiments and simulations. I use Proxmox and VMware ESXi as hypervisors, LXC and Docker containers, TrueNAS, I have private small web hosting, DNS servers (PiHole, BND9), NTP server, NextCloud, Site-to-SIte VPN for night data backup, I learn penetration testing and more…

Fan fact

This site is hosted on my own server.

Homelabing is my hobby so I want to introduce myself and at the same time write IT tutorials, also, through this blog I want to share my knowledge that I have learned so far and to learn new things. Primarily I want to pay a lot of attention to self-hosted services but of course I can write and talk about anything you want.

My methods, ways of working and learning may not always be the best, there may be better and easier ways to solve the problem but that is my way of working. It is my learnig curve.

If you have any questions or criticisms feel free to contact me. 😉 
Email: jasminhalilovic122[@]gmail.com


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